Drone Services

Sumter Aviation operates as a certificated Part 107 commercial operator. All remote pilots have the required training and certificates to successfully plan and execute the assigned missions. 

Photo and Video flights of your real estate, site or event can be scheduled to meet your specific requirements.


Photo and Video Services
Aerial View of a Field
Mapping, Survey, or Agriculture

We can conduct survey flights of your property, orthographic mapping flights, survey your industrial site, or conduct aerial surveys of your agricultural locations. 


Aerial View of Construction Site
Construction Industry

Progress photos and videos of construction sites are becoming more and more the industry standard.  If you do not have an internal drone program, then our drone services can be scheduled for weekly, monthly, quarterly flights and will contain a minimum of 10 photographs to properly document your site's progress. They can be made available within 24 hours of the flight and can even be uploaded to your site management tool such as Procore.