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Flight Instructor - Airplane

You have your Commercial and Instrument and now it is time to pass on what you have learned.  The Flight Instructor is arguably one of the most important certificates one can obtain. Flight instructors literally hold the future of aviation in their hands by preparing new pilots and aiding existing pilots in advancing, obtaining new skills and knowledge. 


Minimum Requirements

- At least a Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument rating appropriate for category and class of aircraft - Commercial Pilot Course InformationInstrument Pilot Course

- Be at least 18 years of age

- Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

- Possess a valid medical certificate

- Receive sufficient flight training and instruction required to demonstrate flight proficiency in required areas.      

- Pass a two knowledge tests as well as the practical test

Estimated Cost $5500 - 7500*

- Aircraft Rental - 25 hours

- Instructor (dual flight and Ground)

- Medical - $250* if you do not already have one

- FAA Written Exam - $300

- FAA Check Ride - $300-450

- King Schools Flight Instructor Training Course - $365

*Additional costs are associated with this program and are all dependant on the individual student.

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By Appointment Only

All flights originate at the Sumter County Airport. 

2945 Airport Road, Sumter, S.C, 29153

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