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Business Aviation

Understanding the role aviation can play in your business is sometimes a daunting task.  Having someone that has successfully navigated those steps and processes is often the best way to get from here to there.  From aircraft acquisition to flight training (manned and unmanned) to establishing drone operations I can help you meet your business goals.

Drone Program Consulting

All sorts of business have recognized the benefits drones can have on their industry. However, establishing a sUAS program for your business can be complicated and time consuming. Sumter Aviation can take all of the guess work and complication out of the process and help keep your sUAS program running safely and legally.

sUAS Program Strategy
We can help your business determine the proper strategies to capitalize on the unique capabilities sUAS bring to your industry.  We will work with your team to develop the strategies necessary to effectively phase in the programs while eliminating road blocks to employment.

sUAS Policy Development
Once you have decided to establish the program, effective policies are essential to keeping the program on track. We work with your team to develop the policies that are compliant with regulations and that can be scaled as your business grows. 

sUAS Training
The regulations require proper training for the sUAS operators as well as the program management team.  We will provide training required to have the operators properly certificated by the FAA as well as advise your training team on program training.

sUAS Regulatory Guidance and Compliance
Once the program in operation, proper compliance with the regulations is paramount to keeping your company legal and safe. We will guide your Safety and Operations team through the process to obtain any needed waivers or authorizations and keep you on track with the proper reporting requirements.

sUAS Software and System Recommendations
As equally important to the establishment of the program is getting the right equipment and software. We will work with your team to make sure they acquire the proper assets.

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Image by Todd Diemer

Aviation Events and Air Shows

Sumter Aviation has over 15 years experience planning and running aerial events such as air shows and air expos.  These events both large and small are great opportunities to promote the community and aviation as a whole.  From helping find performers to vendors to a well qualified air boss, we would be glad to help you with your project.

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