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Paying for Flight Training

Paying for flight school can be a challenge.  All of our pilot courses are pay-as-you-train.  Our instructors work with our clients to make sure the schedules not only meet work and other commitments, but also our client's financial commitments.  As a matter of practice, we do not advocate a client taking on massive amounts of debt to reach an aviation goal.  We do, however, understand that financing a portion of flight training is sometimes necessary.  We are providing the information on this page as a service and not as an endorsement.  All clients are encouraged to consider the offers, interest rates, fees, etc. carefully before accepting financing.

AOPA Aircraft Financing

Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Association has a Flight Training Loan program.

Pilot Finance Company

Finance information for Pilot Finance can be found here.

AOPA Scholarship

The current scholarship process from AOPA is available here.

Scholarship List

Flight Circle has a blog post with a fairly extensive list of scholarships.

Federal Aviation Administration Scholarship List

Women in Aviation, International Scholarship list

The 99's Scholarship list

Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles Scholarship

Veteran's Benefit Information

In order for flight training to be paid for by Veteran's Benefits including the Post 9/11 GI Bill and Montgomery GI Bill, the school must be certified under the Federal Aviation administration's Part 141 rules and approved by the VA.  A further restriction is the requirement that the Veteran have his/her private pilot certificate to enroll in the advanced courses such as Instrument Pilot and Commercial Pilot.

At this time, all of Sumter Aviation's pilot courses are conducted under 14 CFR Part 61 and therefore VA Benefits are not available to pay for training costs.

We are working to obtain the necessary certifications but have yet to complete that process.  

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